Ozone generators

Our company is also a producer of ozonators. These devices are commonly used for air purification, room disinfection and removal of unpleasant odors. The mechanism of action is based on the production of extremely reactive ozone molecules through corona discharges. Thanks to the presence of an efficient fan, ozone is evenly distributed throughout the room.

An additional element supporting the disinfection of the air flowing through the ozonator is the UV-C lamp installed inside the device.

The most common uses of ozonators:

  • Room disinfection at home, office, hotel – removes unpleasant odors, bacteria, pathogenic microorganisms, viruses, mold, fungus, allergens, mites
  • Ozone treatment of clothing – allows you to get rid of unpleasant odors and bacteria in clothes.
  • Disinfection of items : shopping packaging, outerwear (e.g. leather jackets), masks, visors
  • Disinfection of refrigerators, wardrobes, air conditioning and domestic and industrial air conditioners
  • Food disinfection : fruit, vegetables, etc.
  • Air disinfection to eliminate bacteria, viruses, mold and fungus spores, allergens, unpleasant aromas (e.g. cigarette)
  • Disinfection of car air conditioning – elimination of mold spores, fungi, unpleasant odors, disinfection of the interior
  • Cold room disinfection
  • Production – processing
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Opinions and scientific studies confirming the effectiveness of ozone in the elimination of viruses and bacteria